Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Christianity is not a religion.

According to the bible, you can determine a man’s spiritual state or maturity when he or she speaks. Words reveal who you are within. Those things about you that aren’t vivid are manifested by your words. Basically, what you say is who you are. Your words locate you. Your words can make or break you. Words are powerful. Never utter careless words. Like seeds, they will grow and become in your life what you said.

I heard a young girl say to her mum, “I am not religious; I don’t want to go to church.” I turned and looked straight into her eyes thinking: “how dare you bring religion and Church under the same umbrella.” Then, it dawned on me she is just a young girl who spoke without any comprehension of what she said. This is actually the experience of many people. 

I know Christians go to church but Christianity is NOT a religion. A lot of folks think Christianity is a religion, sadly it’s not. Religion is man’s yearning or continuous attempt to reach a supreme being; a god they don’t even know nor have fellowship with. Christianity is very different; it’s God Himself coming to have fellowship with man. Quit trying to reach out to God; that’s religion. He has already reached out to men through Jesus. Just accept his Lordship today and everything about your life will change.

Christianity is the life and nature of God in a human person.  Christianity is DIVINITY at work in HUMANITY. Christianity is not a way of life but life in itself. This was what Jesus brought into the world. Jesus brought us into fellowship with the father. Most people think it’s a religion because they understand with their minds. Christianity cannot be understood with the mind. Christianity is spiritual and that’s the reason many struggle with it. Simply put, Christianity is Christ in you.

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