Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Person of Jesus -1

The inspiration to share on The Person of Jesus came like a burden in my spirit after my son came back from school one day and made a statement that shook me to my bones. His mum had earlier asked him why he hasn't spoken to his friends about Jesus. He responded saying "my friends at school said Jesus does not exist". My wife and I were so shocked to hear that grade one kids have already been programmed to think and talk about Jesus as one who is not real.

It's bad enough to hear adults say there is no God but when kids 4, 5, 6 years old open their mouth and say Jesus does not exist, then, the devil has decided to start catching them young. I was comforted by what my son said when he saw the shock on our faces. He turned to his mum and said "mummy, I don't believe them. I know Jesus is real". What does the future holds for kids who already think Jesus does not exist. To be without Jesus is a sad story already but to say he does not exist is the blackness of darkness.

Who is Jesus? Where is he from? Did he really come to this world? If it's true he came to this world, what exactly did he come to do?  Was he really condemned  and crucified for sinners? Is He the Son of the living God? Was he really born of a virgin? Where is Jesus now? Is he coming back again? Watch out for biblical truths and answers to all these questions in this new series- The Person of Jesus. 

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  1. Wow!, this is sooo sad. These kids feed off what they hear their parents say. And sadly prayers have been taken away from schools!. Thank God Sammy knows Jesus is real & he will sure reach out to his friends soon.

    For those who do not believe there's a God, they are of all men most miserable, sad... smh