Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014, Your Year of Greatness.

I want to welcome you into 2014. This new year is a special one. It's the year of GREATNESS according to the Word given by the Spirit of God through my Father, Mentor, Teacher and life Coach, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD.  

Get ready to fly without any limitation this year. You have become unstoppable because God himself said he will begin to magnify you. Ha ha ha!!! I am so excited. Brothers and sisters, it can only get better in 2014. If you are reading this particular post and you don't have the life of God in you, this is the time to get that life. There is no better time than now to receive this life. Get on your knees now before God and say the words below from your heart.

Oh God, thank you for sending Jesus your son to save me. Today, I confess with my mouth that He is my Savior and the Lord of my life and I believe in my heart that He was raised from the dead for my justification. I received the remission of sins and the life of God into my spirit now in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Now, if you said the prayer above, you just made Jesus the Lord of your life. You are not who or what you use to be. You are a new creation, a brand new man in your spirit now. The rightness and the righteousness of God is in your spirit now. You will never remain the same again. I thank God for you and pray that His plan and purpose for you will be revealed as you walk in the light of His Word in Jesus name. Amen.

As a new born child of God, locate a bible believing church where the Word of God is taught in truth and reality. Fellowship with the brethren and grow in the things of God. Better still, you can locate a Christ Embassy Church near you and worship there. Tell them you are a new believer and you want to receive the Holy Spirit. They surely will fill you with the Holy Spirit. I can't wait to hear your testimony. I encourage you to share your comments and testimonies on this blog. Let me know how this post or previous posts has blessed you.

Thank you for creating time to visit this blog and read my posts. I pray God will continually grant you wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of his will, and by His Spirit, you will fulfill your calling without reproach in Jesus name. Amen. Once again, I welcome you into the year of Greatness! Happy New Year! God bless and keep you in Jesus name. Amen.

Monday, December 30, 2013

You are who and what you have been programmed to be - 2

As an individual, you start getting programmed from your mother's womb. Doctors have proven that babies in the womb can hear and differentiate between the voices of their parents. Apart from this fact, man is a spirit, he lives in a body and he has a soul according to the bible. Spirits are ageless! The human body may age but spirits don't age. That's the reason life programming takes place is the human spirit through the mind. The body is not programmed but only follow instructions from the mind. The mind is the door way to the human spirit. Any information you want to deposit in your spirit must first go through your mind. Life outcomes may seem physical, ordinary or accidental but they are spiritual. Life is spiritual!

Spirits cannot function legally on earth without a body. Your body houses your  human spirit, and your mind (the link between the body and the spirit) controls your body. Your words and actions are based on the overflow of the content in your spirit into your mind according to the words of Jesus in Luke 6:45 (KJV) "...for of the abundance of the heart( human spirit) his mouth speaketh".

Jesus is showing us the origin of words. Words travel from your spirit into your mind before you make utterances. What comes out of your mouth consistently, not by error or chance, is who you are and what you will become. In other words, if your spirit has been programmed with wrong information to an overflow through your mind, eventually, you'll speak according to the wrong information spilled over from your spirit into your mind. Your words are the expressions of the programming in your spirit through your mind. Words reveal your true character and you can't separate a man from his words.

To be continued...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

You are who and what you have been programmed to be - 1

Have you ever heard people say "garbage in, garbage out"? This statement isn't only true about computers but people as well. The total outcome of your life is dependent on how you have been programmed to function over the years. In other words,  you're what you have been programmed to be. Success or failure are different outcomes of different programming systems. You cannot achieve beyond your programming. 

If what one would become is as a result of how they have been programmed, then its of utmost importance to find out what you have been programmed to become. Finding out about your programming type will help you determine your course in life or make up your mind to be re-programmed if necessary. 

Life programming goes on everyday. In the womb, at home, in the schools, at work and so on. Your immediate environment, the people you talk to, the books you read and the information you gather from the media are ways you get programmed consciously and unconsciously. Depending on the information you accept or reject, you can be positively or negatively programmed respectively. 

Programming  in life for success or failure starts from when a child is conceived in the womb. A child's destiny can be determine before he or she is born into this world. Jesus said "you shall have what you say". You can programme the future of your unborn child by simply speaking words that are  consistent with what you want the child to become. You can call the child a success in your womb and continue through the entire pregnancy till the child is born.

Words are powerful! God framed this world with words. In Hebrews 10:7 (NIV),  the Word of God shows us how God determined the destiny of His son through inspired words spoken and written by the prophets of old about the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. "Then I said, Here I am- it is written of me in the scroll- I have come to do your will, O God." Even God had to determine the destiny of Jesus by speaking according to His plan and purpose. That is programming. Jesus turned out exactly according to what God said through the prophets.

At times, I wish my parents knew this truth but its not too late . I'm framing my world and programming my life and the life of my kids and everyone in my family with God's word for success and excellence. What about you? You can frame the future of that child before he or she is born. Are you in a mess right now? You are in that mess because of your programming. The only way out is to get re-programmed...

To be continued...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Changing The World Starts With You

The world can be a better place if everyone decides to play their role. The wickedness, selfishness and oppression in the world today is as a result of disregard for life and what it stands for. Self regard or respect is necessary but regarding yourself above another is derogatory. 

We all came into the world with nothing  and I'm yet to see anyone leave with something. I sometimes wonder why people are the way they are. Why do people bite more than they can chew? Why do some acquire so much but do so little to help or give back to mankind? Some act like their lives worth more and of a higher quality than the lives of others. 

Everyone is important. Everyone is special. If we could choose our destination at birth everyone will will choose to be rich and no one will be poor. Assuming that was the case, who will be the king and the servant? Who will be the CEO and the security man?Who will be the prince and the pauper? It's obvious the differences about who we are, where we are from and what we have is nature's way of creating a balance and interaction among men.

Jesus said it's worthless for a man to gain the world and lose his soul. This is one question we must ask ourselves and candidly answer. If in God's mind, the whole world is not as valuable as one soul, then, it must mean man is far more valuable than how he sees himself. Why do men act like the world and it's beauty are far better than the souls that duel in it?

If you think you are worth something, then everyone around you is worth the same. The differences in status is not to oppress the less priviledged but an opportunity to share, appreciate and compliment our differences. Every soul before God is of great value. See yourself and others in this light. If you think your life is precious. Relate with others in the same regard. 

Do to others what you want others to do you. Our hope for a better world rest on this simple principle. You can change the world. You can make a difference. Show love that can't  be denied. Together we can make the world a better place. Love others like you love yourself. Start today!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Abraham's seed-The answer to the cry of many

You are not an accident but a child of destiny. Remember you are the seed of Abraham and the world is yours. Think and talk like the world is really yours. Don't give up or give in because greater days are ahead of you. Life is a struggle for those who choose to make it so. Refuse to struggle and be the victor God has called you to be.

You have a choice and you can choose to be anything. Stop frowning but keep smiling! You'll be amazed at the number of people who get inspired and motivated when you smile. Square up, chest out and walk like somebody special. Be bold and confident in the ability of  God in your spirit. Boldly declare who and what God has made you. Let everyone around you know who you really are. If you don't tell them who you are, they will tell you who you are not.

If you have put on Christ ( if you are born again), you are certainly Abraham's seed and the hope of this generation. Your world will be in darkness without you because you are the light of the world. You are important and relevant in God's plan for this generation. This is your time and season to shine and reign. The darker the night the brighter your light will shine.

 You are God's answer to the cry of many, God's solution in a problematic generation. You are God's blessing to the nations and families of the earth. Wake up and take your rightful place. You are the seed of Abraham. You are the King's kid and you cannot be disadvantaged because things will always work out in your favor.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

One day at a time.

Life in itself is a gift from God. Approach life with the understanding that you cannot do or achieve more than the grace or ability at work in you. A lot of people live life competing with other people. If you continue that way, you will burn out quickly and easily.

Live and enjoy life one day at a time with the aim of outdoing your past. Strive towards making today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today. Don't let the fears of the past rob you of the opportunities of the future.

You can plan for a greater future. You can aim for a better life. You may have started small but you can finish big and strong. What's really important is not how you start but how you finish. You can be anything you want to be. Just like a seed, everything you need for a successful life is within you. That job, that earth shaking idea, that house or car of your dream, the beautiful family you've always imagined is a possibility if you can take a hold of them within you first.

Start today, look within you and bring forth from within. Don't try to succeed because you are a success going somewhere to happen. Forget about the disappointments of yesterday, take advantage of today's opportunities and creat for yourself a better tomorrow. Remember with God, all things are possible.

God loves you and he wants you to win everyday. Winning with God starts when you come to him. He can give your life a meaning even now. He is knocking at the door of your heart if you are not yet born again. Let him in, let him take charge and your life will never remain the same again. God bless you.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Meaning of Christmas

Our God is a God of purpose and the truth is, he does nothing without a purpose. Anything you do in life without a purpose will not last. Simply put, purpose is why you do what you do. Have you ever asked yourself why you do what you do?

Let's start with the birth of Jesus. Have you ever asked yourself why he was born or why he came to the world? To some, this question is not as important as it sounds but I tell you the truth; it is as important as you take it to be. The Word of God is clear on this subject. What was in the mind of God with regards to the birth of Jesus? What is the reason behind his birth? We all celebrate Christmas but I believe a revelation and understanding of the truth behind His birth will change you and the world.

Jesus came into the world because he wants us (men) to have and enjoy life (Zoe- the God kind of life). This was the the purpose for His birth. He came to give you a life higher and better than the human life ( the life you came with from your mother's womb). This is awesome! Think about it! Awesome!! 

Think about having and living the life of a God here on earth. What will that make you? You definitely will look human but you are certainly not human. This is a divine truth you must understand with your spirit. Wow! The life of God in a man! Divinity at work in humanity. The good news is, that's who we are in Christ. Don't let people call you a man because you are more than a man. That was God's purpose from day1. That's why he came into the world.

I want you to know he came for all men, but has this purpose been accomplished in your life? Have you received Jesus as Lord and Savior? If your answer is no, do so today. Don't wait till tomorrow. Today is the day of Salvation. Receive that life today and let the reality of Christmas come alive in you today. God bless you.