Sunday, December 29, 2013

You are who and what you have been programmed to be - 1

Have you ever heard people say "garbage in, garbage out"? This statement isn't only true about computers but people as well. The total outcome of your life is dependent on how you have been programmed to function over the years. In other words,  you're what you have been programmed to be. Success or failure are different outcomes of different programming systems. You cannot achieve beyond your programming. 

If what one would become is as a result of how they have been programmed, then its of utmost importance to find out what you have been programmed to become. Finding out about your programming type will help you determine your course in life or make up your mind to be re-programmed if necessary. 

Life programming goes on everyday. In the womb, at home, in the schools, at work and so on. Your immediate environment, the people you talk to, the books you read and the information you gather from the media are ways you get programmed consciously and unconsciously. Depending on the information you accept or reject, you can be positively or negatively programmed respectively. 

Programming  in life for success or failure starts from when a child is conceived in the womb. A child's destiny can be determine before he or she is born into this world. Jesus said "you shall have what you say". You can programme the future of your unborn child by simply speaking words that are  consistent with what you want the child to become. You can call the child a success in your womb and continue through the entire pregnancy till the child is born.

Words are powerful! God framed this world with words. In Hebrews 10:7 (NIV),  the Word of God shows us how God determined the destiny of His son through inspired words spoken and written by the prophets of old about the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. "Then I said, Here I am- it is written of me in the scroll- I have come to do your will, O God." Even God had to determine the destiny of Jesus by speaking according to His plan and purpose. That is programming. Jesus turned out exactly according to what God said through the prophets.

At times, I wish my parents knew this truth but its not too late . I'm framing my world and programming my life and the life of my kids and everyone in my family with God's word for success and excellence. What about you? You can frame the future of that child before he or she is born. Are you in a mess right now? You are in that mess because of your programming. The only way out is to get re-programmed...

To be continued...

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  1. In 2014 I have made up my mind to reprogramme myself for the future and the top My self identity is key to my future and I thank God for this post about programming