Monday, December 30, 2013

You are who and what you have been programmed to be - 2

As an individual, you start getting programmed from your mother's womb. Doctors have proven that babies in the womb can hear and differentiate between the voices of their parents. Apart from this fact, man is a spirit, he lives in a body and he has a soul according to the bible. Spirits are ageless! The human body may age but spirits don't age. That's the reason life programming takes place is the human spirit through the mind. The body is not programmed but only follow instructions from the mind. The mind is the door way to the human spirit. Any information you want to deposit in your spirit must first go through your mind. Life outcomes may seem physical, ordinary or accidental but they are spiritual. Life is spiritual!

Spirits cannot function legally on earth without a body. Your body houses your  human spirit, and your mind (the link between the body and the spirit) controls your body. Your words and actions are based on the overflow of the content in your spirit into your mind according to the words of Jesus in Luke 6:45 (KJV) "...for of the abundance of the heart( human spirit) his mouth speaketh".

Jesus is showing us the origin of words. Words travel from your spirit into your mind before you make utterances. What comes out of your mouth consistently, not by error or chance, is who you are and what you will become. In other words, if your spirit has been programmed with wrong information to an overflow through your mind, eventually, you'll speak according to the wrong information spilled over from your spirit into your mind. Your words are the expressions of the programming in your spirit through your mind. Words reveal your true character and you can't separate a man from his words.

To be continued...

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  1. The mind is the doorway into our spirit little wonder the enemy keeps trying to mess with it. Renewing our mind with God's word and speaking faith words helps us overcome those lies & sets the right programming in us....

    I love what u said about our spirit being "ageless". Priceless!