Friday, December 27, 2013

Abraham's seed-The answer to the cry of many

You are not an accident but a child of destiny. Remember you are the seed of Abraham and the world is yours. Think and talk like the world is really yours. Don't give up or give in because greater days are ahead of you. Life is a struggle for those who choose to make it so. Refuse to struggle and be the victor God has called you to be.

You have a choice and you can choose to be anything. Stop frowning but keep smiling! You'll be amazed at the number of people who get inspired and motivated when you smile. Square up, chest out and walk like somebody special. Be bold and confident in the ability of  God in your spirit. Boldly declare who and what God has made you. Let everyone around you know who you really are. If you don't tell them who you are, they will tell you who you are not.

If you have put on Christ ( if you are born again), you are certainly Abraham's seed and the hope of this generation. Your world will be in darkness without you because you are the light of the world. You are important and relevant in God's plan for this generation. This is your time and season to shine and reign. The darker the night the brighter your light will shine.

 You are God's answer to the cry of many, God's solution in a problematic generation. You are God's blessing to the nations and families of the earth. Wake up and take your rightful place. You are the seed of Abraham. You are the King's kid and you cannot be disadvantaged because things will always work out in your favor.


  1. "Life is a struggle for those who choose to make it so" True talk!!!!!! ...... Life is easy when u know there is a God who loves you and is in charge of ur life.

  2. Amen ! Gbam ! Dis is identity in a simple and uncompromised language. If only pple knew how simple life is and struggle free everything is just by being an Abraham's seed. Thank u sir and Thank God for blessing Abraham and givng me the opportunity to partake of that blessing through the Lord Jesus.
    Bella norx

  3. it's amazing how people make general statements like "...they don't pay well enough, we are all broke" and expect that they have spoken for everyone. But there's a programing in my Spirit that shouts "Red Light! Error!!" and i speak up "I'm not broke, am rich" they might get upset or uncomfortable at my declaration but that is me refusing to accept who they have called me. I am only saying who i am...

  4. Wow, I know who I am. The King's kid. Children of God need to come to this understanding and stop been just religious. A lot of people go to church without knowing their true identity. We are God's property, we cannot be disadvantaged.